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Tax Time

Tax Time

April 09, 2024

Unless filing for an extension this year, tax returns are due by Monday, April 15.

To ensure that our clients' financial plans remain accurate and tailored to their needs, this is the time of year that West End Advisory Group requests a copy of the previous year’s tax return. Why? The 2023 tax return will provide valuable insights into each client’s financial situation, allowing us to update projections and make necessary course corrections.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be reaching out to many of our clients who have financial plans on file with us. If they haven’t already provided us with a copy of their 2023 tax return, we offer a variety of options:

  • Office visit--Clients can drop off a copy of their tax return at our office, or a photocopy can be made while they wait.
  • Secure email--Clients can request a secure email from us, to which they can reply with a scanned copy of their tax return. This ensures a confidential transfer of sensitive information.
  • Mail--Upon request, we will mail a postage-paid trackable envelope which clients may use to send us a copy of their return.

Rest assured that once the updates to our clients' financial plans are completed, copies of tax returns will be promptly shredded and securely disposed of. West End Advisory Group prioritizes the confidentiality and security of clients' financial information throughout this process.

If there are any questions or if assistance is required, clients are encouraged to reach out to Steve Mayer (LPL Financial Planner, 314-626-4002) or Laurie Elfrank (Client Services Specialist, 314-880-7552).