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Our Process

<b>West End Advisory Group&#8217;s process</b>

West End Advisory Group’s process

We believe in holistic financial planning and will customize a financial plan specifically for you. Knowing how much, when, and why you will need your money are among the most important determinants of how to plan your future and investments. Therefore, using powerful financial-planning software, we follow a 5-step process that closely mirrors the procedure recommended by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. 

Our Process


Evaluate your current situation

Review recommendations

Implement the plan 

Monitor and adjust

What you should expect at our first meeting

We want to make sure that you and our firm are a good match for each other – if so, we will discuss goals and your current situation by collecting your financial information. After meeting, if you would like to advance to the next step, another meeting will be scheduled to review recommendations. After a plan is implemented, we encourage and expect to meet at least annually.

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